EVENT: How to Identify Future Talent and Advance Peoples’ Careers.

NWEEG Event: How to Identify Future Talent and Advance Peoples' Careers.




TIME: 8:30 - 11:00

EVENT LINK: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/how-to-identify-future-talent-and-advance-peoples-careers-tickets-53683359373

About the event.

Professional development and career advancement are among the most commonly stated reasons people give for choosing to join, stay with or leave an organisation. NWEEG’s research ranks career opportunities as the number one driver of engagement across all generational groups.

Retaining talented and energised people willing and able to deliver on your organisations vision today and into the future requires a deliberate approach to career management. Understanding the career steps people can and want to take within your business is important to your ability to align development initiatives with each of those options.

Understanding the various paths someone can take from an entry level role through to an operational line manager position, allows you to identify the knowledge, skills and experience needed to take each step. A clear view of the career paths people can pursue allows you to set clear development goals and implement effective learning solutions.

What I will be speaking about.

At this event I will be taking you through the employee engagement experience journey, that I designed following research on the influences and expectations of Generation Z (born 1995-2010). You will take away from my presentation at this event; how to identify talent that fits into your organisational culture, how to attract top talent to your organisation and tips to retain and engage your entire workforce, in order to nurture lifetime employees.

More about NWEEG.

NWEEGs (North West Employee Engagement Group) vision is to encourage and boost support for businesses across the North West of England to effectively engage with their staff, their customers and their stakeholders on a daily basis.

Our purpose is simply to make the North West of England the best place to work.  We explore how exemplary organisations have created a hugely productive workforce that feel valued and integral to the organisation’s success. Our events cover key engagement topics and discuss why there is a need for employee engagement. We present evidence, skills and real-life practical experiences of how North West business leaders have successfully engaged with their teams, resulting in increased productivity and business growth. The group, which boasts over 500 business leaders and professionals as members, organises and facilitates bi-monthly events and a full-day annual conference and awards evening. Additional Special Interest Groups are held throughout the year, across the North West, relating to specific topics of employee engagement. 

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