Generation Z Strike For Climate Change

Generation Z Strike for Climate Change

Generation Z Strike for Climate Change!

On Friday 15th March 2019, Generation Z (born 1995-2010) will take the world by storm across 1769 places in 112 countries to protest for a safer climate. The campaign, labelled GLOBAL CLIMATE STRIKE FOR FUTURE #CLIMATESTRIKE inspired by Gen Z leader, Greta Thunberg, will see school students strike for a day, to protest for a safer climate and, a safer future.

The movement has recently become huge, with Greta’s Twitter following reaching 276K and potentially millions of our youth will be striking together to show the Climate Crisis is a Crisis! The movement fights for governments to provide a safe pathway well below 2C. Generation Z’s attitude towards the situation is that they deserve to know their future and, they deserve to know it now, so they can understand how to move forward in creating a sustainable world.

Climate scientists have evidence that even 2C will cause massive starvation, drought, fire tornados, floods, wars and death. All because today's adults do not care about tomorrow. They are stealing our future right in front of our eyes!”

“For 40 years, of all political colours, have been losing the war on climate change! Now there is only time to reduce the amount of disaster. We Need Proof! Global Climate Strike For Future! Call to the youth of the world!” Evensi, 2019

The inspirational, 16 year old, Greta Ernman Thunberg.

A swedish politcal activist is taking world by storm with her passions about the reality of climate change. Greta beautifully tells Reuters News, “I don’t think I have started a movement, I just think I did an action in a time, where more and more people are starting to become aware of the situation we are in. And then kind of show people the method you can use, to make your voice heard about this.” Even with this statement alone, Greta Thunberg, is a true example of what Generation Z are made of.

In 2018, when Greta was only 15, she became a prominent figure for inspiring the first school to strike for climate change outside the Swedish parliament building in August 2018. Following August 2018, thousands  of students have been striking in front of parliments worldwide. Greta has already accomplished TEDX speaker status in Stockhom, November 2018 and, this impressive young lady has spoke at the United Nations Climate Change Conference and, was invited to talk to the World Economic Forum at Davos.

“It’s our future that its going to be effecting, so why shouldn’t we be making a big deal about it."



"I’ll prove that the youths have a voice and we can do things, and also hopefully change some laws about how we proceed with climate change."



“The people in power aren’t helping us with it and it’s our future at stake."


The world is feeling the full force of Generation Z.

Generation Z (1995-2010) have grown up with social media exposing them to the truths of our world and how humanity is ruining our natural resources and ridding the world of its beauty.

Large organisations, such as Nat Geo amongst many more political activist organisations, post regular videos and images on Generation Z dominant platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, of the shocking scenes that are the results of climate change and carelessness from humanity. Younger generations now have the accessibility through technology to learn about gloal issues at a young age and therefore recognise during their critical cognitive development years, that they want to actively make the world a better place. Coupled with their nurtured social influencer powers, they are the perfect model for influencing and creating change.

A statement from the movement supports the challenging mindset of Generation Z:

The adults are not mature enough to tell it how it is, even this they leave to us children! And why should we be studying for a future that soon may be no more, when no one is doing anything to save that future? And what is the point of learning facts when the most important facts clearly means nothing to our society? What use is education when our governments are not listening to the educated? Today we use 100 million barrels of oil every single day. There are no politics to change that. There are no rules to keep that oil in the ground. We can’t save the world by playing by the rules. Because the rules have to be changed.” Evensi, 2019

A previous strike last month on the 15th February in a UK strike for climate change saw thousands of Generation Z students in more than 60 towns and cities, take to the streets together, to protest about climate change and a cleaner, sustainable future.

Generation Z in the UK have really shown their true potential taking part in these movements. They have demonstrated their renowned rebellious behaviour against the politics that they don’t believe in, and challenge systems that neglect the demands of the planet and its people.

Statements from UK Generation Z activists, BBC News:

 “I’ll prove that the youths have a voice and we can do things, and also hopefully change some laws about how we proceed with climate change.” BBC News, 2019

Generation Z have big visions. The world is at their fingertips and suddenly, pockets of connected online communities are supporting and empowering each other to promote better futures and, the good news is, it’s working. The support from online connected communities encourages and inspires real action and real results. As we’ve seen many times in history with diversity, war and religion, Generation Z are fighting their cause together for a healthier planet, fulfilling career opportunities and better education to collaborate and innovate with governments on issues that will make a collective difference to their futures.

“It’s our future that its going to be effecting, so why shouldn’t we be making a big deal about it.” BBC News, 2019

Generation Z understand the movement that they are fighting for and will earn the influence of supporters completely solo, using their digital native abilities. They are natural social influencers and have large followings to project their fascinating messages and stories. However, the movement also requires the collaboration of life experienced adults to guide and assist the movements quicker in government.

“The people in power aren’t helping us with it and it’s our future at stake." BBC News, 2019

Parents and teachers will also be supporting the youth strikes to support their children’s future and, are encouraged to take their children to experience the movement and what society’s youth is doing for the future of our planet.

 “If adults can not provide proof, be honest, admit this failure and join our strike! All honest adults, without Proof, will join our strike on March 15th! Tell your adults to support our strike, tell them they have to come with you, tell them you need them so that you can simply have a chance to survive in the future!” Evensi, 2019

To get involved in the movement and have your say, use hashtag #schoolsstrike4climate #climatestrike #Fridaysforfuture