Is the Goal Worth the Risk? Putting Health before Wealth

Is the Goal Worth the Risk? Putting Health before Wealth and Managing a Driven Lifestyle. A Personal Note from Me.

I ask myself this question all the time and more often than not, every visible risk is worth the goal.

I constantly tell other people to put their health first, but I sometimes do not practice what I preach in terms of pushing the limits of my personal health. I know many others do the same.

Knowing me far too well, a few years ago my Cousin asked me a question -

"Franki, who is your number one?"

I could have answered a handful of people that I put first. Whoever it was, it wasn't me.

She told me, "You are your number one. You must put yourself first, because if number one is not fit, then number one, cannot take care of number two, number three and so on. Take care of yourself and everything will fall into place."

I took her advice and she's right, in a healthy mind and body, you just know what to do. I have always been someone that has pushed myself to my limits, whether that's sport, exercise, adrenaline, work or health. You name it, I push it.

The past few weeks have been big for me. I've started my own company, been busy with meetings, phone calls, networking, recorded vlogs, researched, read, designed, travelled, developed plans, revised and improved my presentations. I have absolutely loved starting up my own business and I can't wait to continue with that crazy, self-fulfilling journey.


Here's where life hits:

You might be familiar with the viscous circle 'I need experience to work, but work to gain experience'. Similarly, when starting up a speaking career it's difficult to earn without reputation. So, alongside growing my business, I have continued in my full time marketing role and to enjoy my generally busy day to day life. My mind is strong and can cope with that, apparently my body is a little behind this week.

Today I've had a (luckily) gentle reminder that without your health, you cannot gain wealth. I was so excited to attend an employee engagement conference tomorrow, to meet with future partners, business leaders and likeminded people, in a beautiful setting in London. Unfortunately, my push this week was too much and, whilst fighting off a viral infection I ended up in hospital on a drip instead. Not where I imagined winding up this week and, absolutely gutted I can’t be in London. However, at least I’ve learnt my limits and, I’m still smiling.

Here’s a reminder from me, hopefully I will remember to take it on next time I start to burn too.

YOU ARE your number ONE. Take care of yourself so you don’t need to miss out, health risks are not worth the short term goal, it will happen eventually.

Push the limits of your wealth, not your health. Stay happy & healthy, Franki.