Social Media and Digital Health: Explained.

Social Media, Digital Health and Empowering Yourself. A quick note from me.

Social media is a weird and wonderful thing but, we have to consider our basic and psychological needs before we sell our souls to the internet.

Social media shapes our beliefs, values, attitudes, behaviours, dreams, goals, anxieties and, our ideas of success and fulfilment. This can take a huge toll on us emotionally and physically and we soon find ourselves lost, with a misrepresentation of who we really are.

Please. Before you allow social media to brainwash you, we have to figure ourselves out first. Please use your social media feeds positively. Have a detox, unfollow the pages that make you feel negative about yourself and follow pages that inspire you, that make you laugh and interest you. Watch an inspiring video on YouTube everyday instead of scrolling through toxic news feeds.

We are young, we are trying to figure out our paths of which have so many funnels. Allow your mind to think for itself, find your filters so you can be in control of what information affects you from the internet. We need to remember that the internet doesn't have a brain, a heart or feelings. It works on algorithms, what you put in, you will get back. So if your feed makes you feel negative about yourself, it's not going away until you choose to type in something different. So, why not let that thing be something that grows you, drives you, motivates you or simply, makes you smile with gratitude.

Here's a tip from me..

Find something you love, educate yourself in it. Find a passion to contribute something positive to society and never stop learning how to do that thing. Find your path, know your interests, know your strengths and understand your weaknesses. Identify the purpose that you are here to serve and when it feels right, it probably is.

I hate to see people upset, confused or distorted about their ideas of life. Our time is so precious. Take care of yourselves and, stay happy.