This is my Mission.

This is my Mission.

My name is Franki Johnson. I first discovered my passion for employee engagement at university and have since, studied the complex mindset of Generation Z and how leaders can successfully attract, train, retain and engage our constantly connected society. 

"My mission is to inspire business leaders to understand and adopt characteristics of younger generations, to create brighter futures for young people and workplace environments where people and business can thrive. My vision is to share my message at conferences and seminars worldwide, educating leaders in ‘the future employee’ and how we can respond to the changing expectations of younger generations."

Franki’s ‘Generation Project’ began, when she identified a barrier between the expectations of young people and current workplace practice.  

“I found Generation Z’s outlooks on life so interesting and the way they will shape the future of business absolutely blew my mind. We are blinded by opportunity, but our leadership and workforces are behind. To achieve Gen Z’s full potential, leaders must first understand their mindset, then provide the tools their people need to excel. That’s what my presentation teaches you.”

Franki’s research, networking, learning and development achieved her a First Class (BA) Hons degree in Events and Hospitality Management, various speaking opportunities, radio interviews and has attracted fascinated business leaders and coaches.

“I am armed with a fountain of knowledge for you on Generation Z. My material really gets under the skin of our constantly connected society and I am ready to take the world by storm, with Generation Z alongside me. When you hire me, you discover the potential of your future workforce."